Laurence Dunne Archaeology Ltd (LDA) undertake all archaeological work including monitoring, test and full excavation, environmental impact assessment reports (EIAR’s), renewable energy projects including wind and solar fam projects, graveyard surveys and topographic surveys. We also undertake unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services including: – aerial surveys, high res. photo/video, orthomosaicsRead More →

We have a long established track record in the preparation of archaeological impact assessment reports (AIAs). These impact assessments form a major component of planning applications. We have found through the years that the best approach is to undertake a preliminary evaluation of the potential cultural impacts with the clientRead More →

We undertake all aspects of the requirements for the cultural sections of EISs on land or underwater. These include onsite licensed archaeological field investigations including test excavations; metal detection surveys; GNSS surveys in terrestrial, littoral and undersea environments.Read More →

LDA has undertaken underwater, coastal, littoral and intra-riverine surveys, evaluations, monitoring and excavations at locations around the entire coastline of Ireland. These projects vary in diversity and scale from foreshore assessments relating to small extensions to jetties or aquaculture projects to large scale pipeline and inter-connector projects, coastal defence andRead More →

Alternative energy production is becoming increasingly important. We have been involved in Wind Farm projects for several years and more recently are also being engaged by Solar Farm companies. We undertake archaeological impact assessments, surveys, monitoring and test excavation ahead of and during construction phases of these projects.Read More →

Our land based projects range from small scale single house developments to large scale residential, retail and commercial projects; graveyard surveys; windfarms; roadways; water and sewerage schemes; pipelines and inter-connectors. Terrestrial Fieldwork Services: Walk over assessments Monitoring Topographic surveys Graveyard surveys Test excavation Full Excavation Inter-connector assessments and surveys HistoricRead More →

We provide a variety of professional services utilising the latest UAV technologies and software. Our staff are fully trained, certified and insured to carry out private and commercial works.  Terrestrial Archaeology Often a view from the air shows the true extent and beauty of a historical or archaeological site. PointRead More →

The majority of the archaeological work undertaken is related in one form or another to planning issues that frequently require liaison or interaction with a myriad of state agencies and authorities. We provide advice and practical direction to our clients on planning applications that contain archaeological, heritage or wider culturalRead More →